The white screen of death: a blank white page without any information on the screen. It’s one of the most frustrating an error cause there are no error messages and no clue where to look and what to fix.

The white screen of death is one of the most common WordPress an error. Most of the time, when you see a white of death, that means your website exhausted the memory limit. This error can also happen due to poorly coded themes or plugins.

Enable debugging mode

The first step to identify the issue is to turn on debugging in WordPress. WordPress debugging mode can output the exact error location with a more understandable message.

Locate this line in wp-config.php and update as follows:

You should get the error message in the front-end after turning on debugging mode. Then you can take the next step accordingly.

Increase the memory limit

The majority of the time, this error happens because of exhausted the memory limit. To fix it, you need to increase the PHP memory available to WordPress. You can increase the WordPress memory limit by editing the wp-config.php file on your WordPress website. Use an FTP client or file manager in your web hosting control panel.

Add this line in wp-config.php to increase the PHP memory limit to 256MB in WordPress.

Use this code to increase the PHP memory limit to 256MB in WordPress.

Troubleshoot plugins

After increasing the memory limit, if the error persists, a buggy plugin can cause the white screen of death issue. It would be best if you tried to disable all plugins of your website and see what happens.

If you can access the admin area of your WordPress site, then you can easily disable all plugins. Otherwise, you will need to deactivate the plugins by renaming the plugin directory.

  1. Use an FTP client or control panel filemanager to access files.
  2. Go to the wp-content directory
  3. Now right click on the plugins folder and then select rename.
  4. Rename as “plugins_troubleshoot” or anything.
  5. Now visit the website, it should load now but without plugins

If deactivating all plugins fix the issue, identify the culprit plugin by enabling plugins one by one and test which one cause the white screen of death.

Troubleshoot theme

An outdated incompatible theme version can also cause the white screen of death error. If the problem persists after deactivated all of your website plugins, you should replace the current theme with a default theme. If the theme really causes the issue, you should be able to access the WordPress dashboard. Switch the current theme with a default WordPress theme.

If switching the theme fix the issue, make sure that the theme is up to date and compatible with the current PHP version.